Discover a Lucrative $100k Monthly Side Hustle Online 💸

⁢ Welcome to our blog post ⁤where we will be discussing a fascinating⁢ topic that was covered in a YouTube video titled “Discover a Lucrative $100k‍ Monthly ‍Side Hustle Online 💸”. In‌ this video, the ⁣speaker introduces us to a remarkably effortless ⁢way to⁣ earn money online. By simply ⁣searching‌ for “relaxing sounds” on YouTube, we‍ can find​ channels that receive ‍millions of views by posting these ⁤simple videos. It’s mind-boggling⁣ to think that​ some of these channels make over⁤ $100,000​ per month⁤ from ad revenue‌ alone! The best part?‌ Anyone can start this venture today. All ‍you need ⁢to do is visit, search for rain videos, and download ⁣any non-copyrighted video ⁤that ‍appeals to you. Then, head over to platforms like and to loop the video and audio together, creating a ⁢longer video ranging from 1 to 6 hours. Finally, upload your unique creations⁣ on YouTube, ensuring to maintain consistency‍ by posting 3 to 5 videos every single week. If you’re interested ⁤in learning more ​about how to grow your YouTube channel and ‌receive mentoring, the speaker provides ​a⁢ link ⁤in ‍their bio ‍or you can visit So, let’s dive ‌into this lucrative side hustle and explore the potential it offers.
Discover a Lucrative $100k‍ Monthly Side Hustle Online 💸
1. The ‌Lucrative Potential of Posting Relaxing‌ Sounds on YouTube
Are you looking for a quick and ‌easy way to make money online? Look no further than ‍posting relaxing sounds on YouTube. It may sound ⁣too ‍good to be true, but⁤ there are channels out there that are raking in millions of views and making over $100,000​ a month in ad revenue alone! Imagine being able to relax and make money​ at the ‌same time. Sounds like a ⁢dream come ⁣true, right?

To get‍ started, simply⁢ head over to and ⁢search for rain videos. You’ll ⁤find a⁢ wide selection of non-copyrighted rain videos that you‍ can download for free. ⁢Once you’ve chosen a video, go to or capcut and loop the video and sound together to create a longer video.⁤ Aim for a duration of 1​ to 6 hours for ⁣maximum relaxation.

Now comes ‌the important part – ⁢consistency. ⁤To achieve maximum ⁢success on ⁢YouTube, you need⁢ to be posting ⁤regularly. Aim to upload 3 to 5 videos‍ every‍ single week. By ⁢staying consistent, you’ll build a dedicated audience who⁣ can’t wait for your next relaxing​ video‍ to help them unwind.

2.⁣ How ⁣to Start Creating Non-Copyright ⁣Rain Videos
Have you ever wanted to create ⁢your⁣ own rain videos ⁤but worry about copyright issues? Well, worry no more! We’ve got a simple⁣ solution for ‌you. By using Pixabay’s ‌vast ‍library of non-copyrighted rain ​videos, you can easily create your own⁤ soothing ⁢content without any‌ legal complications.

To get started, visit‍ and search‌ for rain videos. Browse through the extensive collection and choose the ones that resonate with you the most. Once‍ you’ve made your selection, download the videos and head over to tools like ⁢‌ or capcut for editing.

Using‌ these​ tools, you can loop​ the video and sound​ together to⁣ create a⁤ seamless and relaxing experience for your viewers. ⁢Aim for‍ a video duration ‍of⁤ 1 to 6 ⁣hours, as ⁢this ‌timeframe has shown excellent ‌results in capturing⁢ your audience’s attention and providing them with the tranquility they seek.

By creating your own ⁢non-copyright ⁤rain videos, you have the opportunity to share your unique touch with the world while attracting a dedicated following‌ of ‌relaxation ‌enthusiasts. So, unleash your‌ creativity and start crafting ‍your own calming​ rain videos today!

3. ⁤Consistency is Key: Posting Frequency for Maximum Success on YouTube
What’s the secret to achieving maximum ‌success on YouTube? One word: consistency. If you want to grow ‍your YouTube⁢ channel and attract a loyal audience,​ you need to make posting videos a⁤ regular habit.⁣ Aim to⁢ upload 3 to 5 videos‍ every single week and watch ⁣your channel thrive.

Why ‍is consistency so crucial? Well, think about it from your audience’s perspective. When they discover your channel and⁤ enjoy your⁢ content, they’ll want more. By consistently delivering videos, you show them that they can⁢ rely on you to provide ⁣them with the entertainment‍ or relaxation they seek.

Additionally, consistent posting helps you establish credibility ‌and authority in‍ your niche. The‍ more​ frequently‌ you​ upload⁤ videos, the‍ more you solidify your presence and expertise. This, in turn, attracts⁤ more viewers ⁣and potential collaborations or sponsorship opportunities.

So, if you’re⁣ serious about growing your YouTube channel, commit to a​ consistent posting schedule. Bring your creativity, passion, and dedication to the table, and ⁣watch as your channel blossoms into a thriving community of engaged subscribers. Remember,‌ consistency is​ the key to unlocking your YouTube success.

4. Mentoring and Growing Your YouTube Channel
Are ⁤you looking to take ‍your YouTube channel to the next level? Do you dream of growing your​ subscriber count and connecting with a larger audience? Well, ‍look no further!⁢ We offer personalized mentoring to help you blow up your YouTube channel and ‍achieve ‌the success you’ve always⁣ desired.

Through ⁢our mentorship program, ⁢we’ll work closely together to analyze your current content, identify areas for ‍improvement, and create a tailored strategy ⁤for growth.⁤ Whether you’re just‌ starting out or have been⁣ on YouTube for a while, our​ mentorship can provide valuable insights and guidance ‌to take your channel⁢ to new heights.

With‍ our expertise and experience, we’ll help you navigate ​the ever-changing landscape of YouTube, from understanding algorithms to optimizing your videos ⁢for ‍maximum reach. We’ll share proven techniques for increasing engagement, expanding your audience, and collaborating with other creators.

If‌ you’re ready to invest ‌in your YouTube journey and want to work with a mentor who genuinely​ cares about your success, visit ⁣or click the link in⁣ our bio. Let’s embark⁤ on this adventure together​ and‍ watch your​ channel flourish like never before. The possibilities are⁢ endless when you have the right guidance⁢ and ​support.

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Q: What⁣ is the topic of⁤ the YouTube video?

A: The video discusses a‌ lucrative‌ side hustle that can potentially earn‍ you⁢ $100,000 a month online.

Q: What is ⁣the main method mentioned in the video to make money?

A: The main ‌method mentioned in the⁤ video‍ is creating ‌and uploading relaxing sounds ‌videos on​ YouTube.

Q: How can ​someone ⁣start making money with this⁤ method?

A:​ To start making money with this method,⁣ one should go to and search for rain videos. ⁢Download any⁤ non-copyright rain video⁤ you like. Then, go to ⁣ to find rain sounds.‍ Combine the video ‍and sound together to create a long video (1 to 6 hours). Finally, upload the ​video ⁣to YouTube.

Q:‍ How⁢ often should‌ one post videos on YouTube according to the video?

A: According to the video, it is advisable to post anywhere from 3 to 5 videos every single week on YouTube.

Q: Is there any ⁢additional help available ⁣for growing YouTube⁢ channels?

A: Yes, the video mentions⁣ that the speaker, who apparently has experience and knowledge ⁤about ⁣growing ⁣YouTube channels, offers mentoring to help people blow up and ​grow⁤ their‍ YouTube channels. To get more information about ⁤this, viewers‍ can visit or click the link in the video’s bio.

Q: Is ‌this‌ method accessible to ​anyone?

A: ​Yes,⁣ the video emphasizes that anybody can start this side⁤ hustle today. There are ⁢no⁤ specific requirements mentioned, indicating that anyone can participate.

Q: Can you⁢ earn a substantial‌ income from ⁣this method?

A: Yes,⁢ according to the video, there are channels on YouTube that make well over $100,000 a month in ad‍ revenue⁤ alone by posting these types of relaxing​ sounds videos. So, it is ⁢possible to‍ earn a substantial income from this method if successful.

Q: Are there ‌any specific instructions regarding the ⁣videos posted on ‌YouTube?

A: The video mentions that consistency is key on YouTube. ‍Therefore, ​it is recommended to consistently post 3 to 5 videos every ⁣week to maximize earning potential.

Q: Is there a specific platform mentioned to find copyright-free sounds?

A: Yes, the video suggests using to find copyright-free rain sounds to include in the videos.

Q: Where can I find more information or ⁤get started with this side hustle?

A: For more information and ⁢guidance on getting started,⁣ the video‌ provides a website address,, or⁤ viewers can click on the link in the video’s bio for assistance.

To Conclude

In conclusion, we have discovered a lucrative side⁢ hustle that can earn ​you up to $100,000 per month ​online. By simply creating relaxing sound videos and uploading them on YouTube, you can tap into a massive audience and ⁤generate substantial ad revenue. It’s truly​ fascinating to see how‌ these seemingly simple videos can generate millions ​of views and create an incredible income stream.

The best part⁢ is that anyone can start this ⁢venture today. All you need to do is visit,⁤ search for rain videos, download⁢ a non-copyrighted one that appeals to⁤ you, and ⁣use editing tools like zapsplat⁢ docomo and ⁢cap cut to create long, looped videos. Once you’ve created your content, consistency is key on ‍YouTube.⁣ You should aim to upload three ​to five videos‌ every week to maintain engagement ⁤and grow your channel.

If you’re interested in taking your YouTube⁣ channel​ to the next level, consider seeking⁢ mentorship. By visiting or‍ clicking the link in my⁤ bio, you can access a mentor⁢ who will guide you through the process of expanding and monetizing your channel. Don’t hesitate to take this opportunity and start‌ your journey towards a profitable online side ⁢hustle.​ Remember, with⁢ dedication and ⁢consistency, the​ sky’s the⁢ limit!