Discover Effortless Online Income: Maximize Earnings with Google (2020)

Welcome to our blog post, where we will be discussing the exciting⁤ topic covered in the YouTube video titled “Discover Effortless Online​ Income: Maximize ‍Earnings with Google ⁤(2020).” In‌ this engaging video, the host reveals a technique that has allowed them to generate an⁤ impressive six-figure income per year ‌through YouTube. Although we may ⁣not all reach those heights, by following the step-by-step process⁢ outlined,⁢ we can still make a significant daily income of $30, $40, or ‌even $50. The method​ may require some effort on our part, ​but it‌ is simple and achievable. So, ⁣let’s dive ⁣right in and discover⁤ this intriguing technique​ together.
Discover Effortless Online Income: Maximize Earnings⁢ with Google (2020)

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– Technique to Make Six-Figure Income on YouTube

- Technique to Make Six-Figure ⁢Income on⁤ YouTube
In this section, I will explain the technique shared in the video for making a six-figure income on YouTube. The technique involves ‌utilizing Google Trends to⁤ identify popular topics and keywords that can generate high ‌traffic and engagement on your YouTube channel. ⁣By following this step-by-step approach, you can potentially⁢ earn⁤ around $30 to ⁢$50 per day, although it may not guarantee a six-figure ‌income like the ⁣video creator.

To begin,​ the ⁣first step is to visit the website ‍called Google Trends. This platform ​allows you ​to analyze and track the popularity of‌ various ​search terms and topics. ​The reason we use Google Trends is because it provides valuable insights into trending keywords that can be leveraged ‌to create successful‌ YouTube videos.

The video creator, in this case,⁤ has another channel called “Michael Day,” where he focuses on videos related to earning free​ Amazon gift‍ cards and other kinds of gift cards. By‍ using Google Trends, he discovered that ⁢there is a significant peak​ in‌ interest for Amazon gift cards ⁢during specific periods in the past five years, particularly in December, around the 13th to the 19th.

Based on this information, the video creator was ⁤able to⁣ identify a suitable keyword to target and create videos about. For instance, he made a ​video titled ‍”How to Get‌ Free ​Amazon⁣ Gift Cards – 10 Hacks” on his channel “Michael Day.” This video has gained popularity and is‌ currently ‍ranked number⁢ two in the search results for that keyword, garnering⁢ approximately‍ 19,000 views in just three months.

By ⁢following this technique, ​you can identify trending topics and keywords related to⁤ your niche, which can potentially attract a significant⁣ amount of traffic ⁢and views to your YouTube channel. While it requires some ⁣effort and dedication, implementing this​ strategy can⁣ help you generate a steady income from your YouTube content.‍ Keep in mind that the actual amount you earn may vary depending on various factors such as​ your target audience, video quality, and consistency in producing engaging content.

In conclusion, the⁣ technique discussed in this video involves utilizing Google ⁤Trends to identify popular keywords ⁣and topics, allowing you to‌ create videos that‌ can attract a substantial audience. ⁤While it may not guarantee a⁢ six-figure income, it​ presents a viable approach to ⁢making money on YouTube by capitalizing on trends and providing⁢ valuable content ⁣to viewers. So,⁢ why not give it a try ‍and start exploring the vast potential of YouTube as a⁢ platform for ‌generating income?

- Utilizing Google Trends ​to ‌Maximize Earnings
In this video, we’re going to ⁢explore a technique that can help you‍ maximize your earnings on YouTube using Google Trends. With ‍this technique, I’ve been able to make over six figures per year, ⁣and while you may not reach ‌that level, you can definitely earn around⁤ $30 to $50 per day​ if you⁢ follow the steps I’ll be sharing. It’s a simple process that requires some ‍effort on your part, but it’s definitely worth it.

To begin, head over to a site called‌ Google Trends. If you’re ‍familiar with my other YouTube channel, Michael Day, you’ll ⁤know that I often share videos about getting free Amazon gift cards and other types of gift cards. So,⁣ let’s focus on Amazon gift cards for this ⁤example. At Google ⁢Trends, you can‍ see that the search term “Amazon ​gift cards” has a noticeable peak in‌ popularity ‌during the weeks of‍ December 13th to 19th, as well as in ​previous years around December ⁢11th to 16th.

As⁢ we can observe, today is December 16th, and this video⁢ aims to⁢ utilize ‍this trend to our advantage. By creating videos⁣ based on ⁢popular search terms like “how to get ⁤free Amazon gift cards,” we can attract a significant audience. In fact, if you search for that term, you’ll notice that my video titled “10 hacks on⁤ how ​to get free Amazon gift cards” is already in the second position, with approximately 19,000 views in just three months.

By leveraging Google Trends, we can identify the right keywords and topics that are currently trending.‌ This allows ‌us to create ⁣content that resonates with our target⁣ audience and captures their attention. With consistency ⁤and quality, you too can increase your earnings on YouTube by implementing ‍this technique.

So⁣ don’t hesitate to start utilizing Google Trends to your advantage. Stay tuned for the next steps in this‌ video, where ⁣I’ll show you how to create compelling and engaging content ⁤that will drive more traffic⁤ to your channel and, ultimately, help‍ you maximize ‌your earnings.

– Finding Profitable Keywords for Video Content

- Finding Profitable ⁣Keywords for Video Content
In this video, we will explore a technique to find profitable keywords for video content on YouTube. ‌This technique has helped me make over six‍ figures per year, and although you ‍may not achieve the same results, you can certainly earn around $30 to ⁢$50 ‍per day by following it step-by-step.⁤ It’s a simple‍ process that requires some effort on your part, but ​the rewards are worth it.

To get started,⁣ head over to Google Trends, a site that provides insights into the popularity⁢ of search ⁢terms over time. If you’re‌ familiar with ⁤my other YouTube channel, Michael Day, where‌ I share videos on⁣ obtaining free gift ⁢cards, you’ll⁤ understand why we’re using this platform. Gift cards, such as those from Amazon and iTunes, ⁣are popular, and⁣ I’ve had great success earning $10 gift cards online.

Now,‍ let’s dive into how to‌ leverage Google Trends. ‌Upon visiting the site, click on the search bar and enter the term “Amazon gift cards.” Adjust‌ the timeframe to ‍the ​past five years to analyze the search trends properly. You’ll notice that the search volume for Amazon ‌gift cards peaks around the same time each year, ⁣such as ⁤December 13th to⁤ 19th and ​December 11th to ⁤16th.

Since today ‍is December 16th, we have⁣ just discovered ⁤a keyword that presents an opportunity ‌to create content around. Before proceeding,‍ I want to highlight that I already have a video​ on my channel called “How to Get Free Amazon⁢ Gift Cards: 10 Hacks.” It’s​ currently ranked second in the⁣ search results for this keyword, and ⁢it has accumulated ​around 19,000 views‌ in ⁣just three months.

By identifying trending keywords like “Amazon gift cards” and assessing⁤ the ​competition, you can identify topics that have the potential to attract ⁣viewers and⁤ generate income. Take‍ advantage of this technique, and with some⁢ dedication and creativity, you can create compelling videos‍ that‍ yield profitable results.

– Strategies to Rank Higher in Search Results

- Strategies to Rank Higher in Search Results
In this ‌post, we will discuss effective strategies ⁤to rank higher in search results and increase ‍your online visibility. Follow ⁤these techniques to improve your website’s ranking⁢ and drive more traffic to your content.

1. Utilize Google Trends: Start by visiting Google Trends,⁤ a valuable tool for understanding search trends and popular keywords. Look for keywords and topics that are currently trending or‌ have shown consistent popularity over time.​ This will help you identify opportunities ⁣to create content that resonates with your target audience.

2.⁣ Conduct Keyword Research: Use keyword research tools to find relevant keywords with high search volume ‌and low competition. Identify long-tail keywords that are⁢ specific ⁢to your niche and ​incorporate‍ them naturally into your website’s ⁣content. ‌This will help search ⁣engines understand the relevance ‌of your content and​ increase ​the ⁤chances of ranking higher ‍in search results.

3. Optimize ​On-Page SEO: Pay attention to‌ on-page SEO elements⁢ such as⁣ title tags, meta descriptions, headers, and URLs. Craft compelling‌ and descriptive title tags that include your⁤ target keywords. ‌Write concise and engaging meta descriptions that entice users to click⁢ on‌ your link in search results. Use headers to structure your content and make it easier ⁢to read. Ensure that ‌your URLs ⁢are​ concise and contain relevant keywords.

4. Create Engaging and High-Quality Content: Develop informative, ‍unique, and engaging content that provides value to your audience. Use a variety⁢ of formats such as articles, videos, infographics, and podcasts to cater to different⁢ preferences. Make sure ⁤your content ‌is well-researched, properly formatted, and easy ‌to understand. Incorporate relevant keywords naturally throughout the content to⁢ improve​ its visibility in search results.

5. Build High-Quality Backlinks: ⁤Earn backlinks from reputable⁣ and authoritative websites within your ⁣industry. Seek opportunities for⁣ guest posting, collaborate with influencers, or create shareable content that naturally attracts ⁤backlinks. Backlinks are an important​ ranking factor, ‌and they can significantly impact your website’s ‌visibility in search ⁢results.

By implementing these⁢ strategies consistently and monitoring ⁢your performance, you can ​improve your website’s ranking in search results and drive organic traffic to your content. Remember⁤ to stay up-to-date ‍with‌ the latest ⁢SEO ⁣trends​ and adapt‌ your strategies accordingly to maintain a ‌competitive edge.‍


Q: What is this‍ YouTube video about?
A: This YouTube video ⁢is about a technique that the​ creator uses on YouTube to make over six figures per year.

Q: How much⁤ money can you make using this ‌technique?
A: While you may not make six‌ figures, you can definitely ⁣make around $30-$50 per day by‌ following ⁤this technique step-by-step.

Q: What is the ‌first thing that the creator asks ⁣the viewers to ⁢do?
A: The ‍creator asks the viewers to go to a site ‌called Google Trends.

Q: Why does the creator mention his other YouTube ‍channel called Michael day?
A: The creator ⁤mentions his other YouTube ⁣channel as reference and proof of the ⁤success of‍ his ‍technique‌ in getting free Amazon gift cards.

Q:​ How does the creator use Google ⁤Trends?
A: The creator uses Google Trends⁣ to analyze the trending patterns of Amazon gift⁤ cards over the past five years.

Q:‍ When does the ‍trend for Amazon gift cards start⁣ to peak?
A: The trend for Amazon gift cards starts to peak in December, specifically around December 13th to‍ 19th, according⁢ to the video.

Q: ⁣Why does ‍the creator mention the ⁢date in⁢ the video?
A: The creator mentions the date to indicate that the trend for Amazon gift cards⁤ is currently peaking, suggesting it as a keyword ‌to create videos about.

Q: How does the ⁢creator know that videos about Amazon gift cards are successful?
A: The creator‌ shows ‍one of his ⁤own ‌videos titled “How ⁣to Get ⁣Free Amazon‌ Gift Cards 10 Hacks” that ranks ​number two in search results and has gained approximately 19,000​ views in three months.

Q: Is this​ technique easy⁣ to implement?
A: According to the creator, this technique is simple, but it requires some effort and work to be put in.

Q: Can this ⁣technique ‌be applied to other types of gift cards as well?
A: While the video focuses ⁤on ‍Amazon gift ‍cards, it is likely that this technique can‌ be applied to other ⁢types of gift cards as ⁢well.

Final ⁤Thoughts

In conclusion, in this YouTube video titled “Discover Effortless Online Income: Maximize Earnings with Google (2020)”, the host introduces a technique that helps generate a ⁢six-figure​ income on​ YouTube. While ‍not ⁣everyone ‌may reach that‍ level, following the step-by-step instructions can easily earn you $30,‌ $40, or even $50 per day. The technique begins by utilizing Google ​Trends, ⁢a platform that provides insights into ‌popular⁤ search trends. The host demonstrates how he uses this tool to identify keywords with ⁢high search volumes, such as ⁢”Amazon gift cards.” By examining​ the past five years, he discovers a recurring peak in December, which offers a ⁣perfect opportunity ​to create video content⁤ and generate traffic. The video ‍showcases one of his own videos on ⁤his other channel, which currently‍ ranks number two in the ⁢search results⁢ and has gained significant views within just three months. With a friendly and encouraging tone, the host assures viewers that with a bit of‍ effort ‌and consistency, they too can maximize their online earnings using Google. So, take a moment to explore this technique and start⁣ your journey ​towards financial success on YouTube.⁣