Mastering Google Ads for Affiliate Marketing: A Step-by-Step 72-Hour Challenge

‍ Welcome to our‌ blog⁣ post on mastering‌ Google Ads ‍for affiliate marketing! In this post, we will be discussing the topics covered in the YouTube video ⁤titled “Mastering Google Ads for Affiliate Marketing: A Step-by-Step⁣ 72-Hour Challenge”.⁣

The video ⁣begins with the creator, Chad‍ Bartlett, explaining his ​intention ⁣to test out ‌using Google Ads for affiliate marketing over ‍a 72-hour period. He aims to achieve results and sales starting from scratch. Throughout the video, Chad shares insights ‌into the product he promotes, the exact ad he⁢ uses, the amount of money he spends on the ad, and the commission he⁣ makes ⁢back.

For those who don’t know, Chad‍ Bartlett is a renowned⁤ affiliate marketer, known as the top affiliate worldwide for‍ a massive software company. His success in ‌this field has already ‌made him a millionaire, and he creates videos like this to help others achieve the same.

In the first hour of the 72-hour challenge, Chad focuses ​on choosing a‍ product and setting ‌up the Google Ads. He explains that this strategy​ can⁢ be ​applied‍ to almost any affiliate product, whether from platforms like ClickBank or software ⁢companies found ‌on websites like ⁢Chad shows his screen as he navigates through the ClickBank Marketplace, highlighting⁤ key information on products and ⁢their affiliate⁣ terms.

One⁤ important aspect Chad mentions is the⁤ need​ to find a product that‍ allows bidding ‌on keywords. While some products, like the example of Apple line, restrict ‌bidding ⁤on their ‍branded keywords, many‌ companies do not have such restrictions in their affiliate terms. This⁤ opens up opportunities to ‍promote products beyond ClickBank as well.

The video​ dives deeper ⁢into⁢ the process, exploring different products ​and⁤ considering ​their potential for success‌ in Google ‌Ads campaigns.

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Get ‍ready to master‍ Google Ads for affiliate marketing‍ and⁣ take your online⁢ endeavors to new heights!
Mastering Google ‌Ads for Affiliate Marketing: A​ Step-by-Step 72-Hour Challenge
In this⁢ video, I will be conducting ​a 72-hour challenge to test ‌the effectiveness of using Google Ads for affiliate‍ marketing. ⁢I will ‌start from scratch ⁣and document the​ entire process, including the product I promote, ⁢the ads I‌ create, the ‍amount of money I spend on ads, and the ⁢commission I⁣ make.

For those‌ who don’t know me, my name is Chad Bartlett, and⁢ I’m the top ⁣affiliate worldwide‍ for a well-known ⁢software company.​ I ⁣create these ⁤videos⁢ because I​ have already achieved millionaire ⁤status through affiliate marketing, and ⁢I want⁣ to⁣ help others achieve the same level of success.

In the first hour of the challenge, I ⁣will be selecting a product and setting up‍ the Google Ads campaign. This strategy can⁣ be applied to⁢ almost any affiliate product, whether it’s from ClickBank ⁣or an ⁢independent affiliate program. In this case,⁢ I⁣ will⁢ demonstrate by finding a ​product on ClickBank. However, you can also explore ​software ⁢companies on‍ websites like

When⁤ choosing⁢ a product, it’s important to review the affiliate terms to ensure ⁢they align with this strategy. Some products may prohibit bidding on specific keywords or phrases in search engines like Google, Bing,⁣ and Yahoo. However, there are many products that don’t have ‌such restrictions, especially if ⁤they ‍are not as experienced in dealing ⁢with affiliates.⁢ Therefore,⁤ it’s crucial to find ‍a product that‌ allows you‌ to fully optimize‍ your ad campaigns.

Join me on this 72-hour challenge as I dive into testing⁢ Google Ads ⁢for affiliate‌ marketing and discover how to⁤ maximize results ⁣and profitability. ‍Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel to stay updated on my future videos. Let’s embark ‌on this journey together!

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Q: What is the topic⁣ of the YouTube video discussed⁤ in this blog post?
A: The topic is “Mastering Google Ads for Affiliate⁤ Marketing: A Step-by-Step 72-Hour Challenge.”

Q:⁣ Who is ⁣the YouTuber⁣ in​ the video?
A: The YouTuber’s name ​is Chad Bartlett, who is the top⁣ affiliate worldwide for a massive software⁤ company.

Q: Why does the YouTuber make these ‌videos?
A: The ⁤YouTuber wants to help others achieve⁣ the same level of success in affiliate marketing that he has achieved.

Q: What will the YouTuber be doing in the‌ next 72 hours?
A: ​The YouTuber ⁤will‌ be testing out Google ads for affiliate marketing to see if he ​can get‍ any ‍results ⁣or sales starting⁤ from ‌scratch.

Q: What kind of product will the ‍YouTuber be promoting?
A: The YouTuber will be⁣ promoting an ​affiliate product from ClickBank, but he‌ mentions ⁣that‍ this ​strategy can be used for ‍almost ‍any affiliate product.

Q: Can you use this strategy for any software company?
A: ​Yes, ⁢you can easily⁢ find software companies to promote on ​websites like⁤ or even use independent affiliate programs.

Q: What should you consider before​ choosing ‍a product‌ to promote?
A: You should check the⁣ affiliate terms to ensure‍ that bidding on branded keywords is allowed. Some⁢ companies don’t restrict this, which can provide more ⁤opportunities.

Q: What is the potential advantage of promoting products ⁤that​ aren’t on ClickBank?
A: Companies that aren’t⁤ on ⁢ClickBank may⁤ not ⁢have as much experience with affiliates, so they may not have restrictions on bidding ‍on ‍branded keywords.

Q: Can ​you give an example⁢ of a product the YouTuber found on ClickBank?
A: ⁣The YouTuber found a product called‍ “Apple Line” on​ ClickBank but mentioned that it didn’t allow bidding on their branded keywords.

Q:‌ Where else did ⁤the ⁤YouTuber⁢ look for products to promote?
A: The YouTuber‍ clicked on the second page of the ClickBank Marketplace ⁢to find a less popular product that might allow bidding on branded keywords.‌

To Wrap It Up

In conclusion, this YouTube video titled “Mastering ⁢Google Ads for Affiliate Marketing: A Step-by-Step 72-Hour Challenge” delves into‍ the‍ process of using​ Google ads for affiliate marketing. The video creator, Chad Bartlett, shares his‌ experience of testing‌ this ⁣strategy for 72 hours, starting ⁤from ‌scratch. Throughout the video, he reveals the product he promoted, ​the exact ad he used, ‍the amount of money he spent on⁢ the ad, ​and the commission⁣ he earned‌ from ⁤it.

Chad Bartlett, ⁣who is the top ‌affiliate ‌worldwide for a massive software company,⁤ emphasizes ‌that he creates these videos to assist others in ‍achieving the ⁤same ⁢level of success in ‍affiliate marketing. If you are​ new to‍ his channel, he ⁤encourages you to subscribe⁤ to not miss out on his future⁣ videos.

The first step of the 72-hour challenge ⁢involves ⁢selecting a product⁤ and setting ‍up⁣ Google ads. ⁤Chad ‌showcases​ his process using ClickBank, ‌but mentions that you can ⁤also find suitable products on websites like or affiliate ‌programs⁤ that⁢ allow‌ independent promotion. It⁢ is essential to ensure that the product’s affiliate terms permit ⁢bidding on relevant keywords.

Chad demonstrates how to navigate the ClickBank Marketplace and⁤ highlights⁤ the importance of reading a ⁤product’s‍ affiliate terms. He advises finding products that do not have strict restrictions on ‍bidding for branded ​keywords,⁢ as many companies overlook this aspect. By exploring less ⁣popular products, it is possible to ​find opportunities for successful ad campaigns.

In summary, this YouTube video ​provides a ⁤step-by-step guide and valuable tips for ⁤harnessing the power of Google ads in⁤ affiliate marketing. Chad Bartlett showcases his ‍expertise and helps⁢ viewers understand the process, from ‍product selection to ad setup. Whether you are new to affiliate marketing or ⁤seeking to improve your strategy, this video offers insightful information and practical ‍advice.