The Ultimate Guide to Earning $20K/Month with the Best Online Side Hustle in 2023

Welcome to our blog post discussing‍ the exciting topic covered⁣ in the YouTube video titled “The Ultimate Guide to ‍Earning $20K/Month with the Best ‍Online Side ‌Hustle in‍ 2023.” In this video, you ‍will discover an incredibly simple ⁤and ‌clever side hustle that has proven to be highly profitable. The featured individual sells a puzzle book for⁤ $25.25 and has already sold over⁣ 4,200 copies, amounting ​to a staggering ⁣total ⁤of more ‌than $106,000 in earnings.

Now, let’s delve into the specifics⁢ of this strategy. The first step is to visit a ​website called, which offers⁣ a software that generates puzzles for you. With a ⁢wide range of templates to‌ choose ⁣from, you‌ have full⁤ commercial​ rights to sell these puzzle books on platforms like Amazon.

But here’s‍ the best part ‍- Amazon KDP, a well-known platform,⁤ will take care of all the publishing and printing for you. All⁣ you need to ‌do is continually upload more puzzles and collect the ⁤profits. This means that⁤ Amazon does the majority of the work, while you ⁣reap⁢ the rewards.​

If​ you’re interested in ⁤exploring another lucrative side hustle opportunity ‌and receiving mentoring and coaching⁣ to ⁣help you earn⁢ five ​figures a ⁤month, be sure to check out‌ the provided link to in the video description. There, you’ll find another video that reveals how ⁢to ⁤make over $20,000 per month.

Get ready to discover a simple and effective way⁣ to boost ‍your income ⁢in 2023. Let’s jump right in!
The Ultimate Guide to Earning $20K/Month ⁢with the‍ Best ​Online Side Hustle in ‌2023
⁢In today’s digital age, finding a side‍ hustle that requires minimum effort but offers maximum earnings can seem like a‍ dream come true. And that’s exactly what selling puzzle books online can ‍offer. Just take a look at the success story of someone who ⁢has already​ made ‌over $106,000 by selling puzzle books priced ⁣at ⁢$25.25. Now, you might be ‌wondering how you can achieve the same level of success.⁢ Well, we’ve got⁤ you covered.

The first step ⁤is to head over to, a fantastic⁣ platform that⁤ takes care of ‍generating and‌ customizing puzzles for you. It’s incredibly user-friendly, allowing you to choose from a wide range​ of templates, and the best ⁤part is that you have complete ⁤commercial rights to sell your puzzle books on popular platforms⁢ like Amazon.

Once you’ve⁣ created your puzzle book, it’s time to​ leverage‌ the ⁣power of ⁤Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing). This platform not ⁤only publishes your book but also prints ⁤it on-demand, ⁣taking ‌all the‌ heavy lifting off your ⁢shoulders. All you need to do⁤ is keep uploading new⁢ puzzles and collect the profits. Amazon’s massive customer base ensures that your puzzle book will‌ reach a wide ⁣audience, guaranteeing automatic success.

But⁢ why ⁤stop at earning⁢ over $100,000? If you’re ambitious and want to‌ take your puzzle book side hustle ‍to the next level, consider unlocking your full‍ potential with comprehensive mentoring and coaching. By joining, you can access​ valuable guidance that ⁣will ​help ⁤you scale your earnings to a staggering ‍five figures ​per ‍month. With ⁣determination​ and the right support, you‍ can turn this ⁣side hustle into a lucrative⁢ and‌ fulfilling business venture.

So, if you’re​ ready‍ to tap into the power of⁢ selling puzzle books,⁤ don’t miss out on this opportunity. Get⁢ started today and ‌unlock ‍your full earning potential.⁢ See you on the path to success!

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Q: What is the side hustle mentioned in the YouTube video?
A: The side hustle mentioned in the video is selling puzzle ‍books online.

Q:‍ How much⁣ money​ has the person in the video made from selling​ puzzle books?
A: The person in the video has made over ​$106,000 by selling puzzle books.

Q: ‍Where can we find a software ⁤that generates the puzzles for us?
A: The‍ software mentioned⁤ in the video can be ⁤found on the ‍website​

Q: ⁤What are⁣ the ⁣benefits⁢ of using the⁣ software?
A: The software provides ‌templates ⁤for‌ generating ​puzzles and also grants commercial rights to sell the puzzles on platforms ⁣like Amazon.

Q:⁢ How​ can we publish and print the puzzle books?
A: To‌ publish and print ‍the puzzle books, you can use Amazon⁢ KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) ⁤as shown‍ in the video.

Q: ​What is the advantage of using Amazon‍ KDP for this side hustle?
A: The advantage of⁣ using Amazon KDP is that they handle the ‌publishing and printing process, leaving you with the⁣ task of uploading ‍more puzzles and collecting the ⁣profits.

Q:⁣ Where can we find more information ⁣and ⁤mentoring for this side⁤ hustle?
A:⁣ You can find more information and⁣ mentoring for this side hustle by ⁢visiting as ‌mentioned in the video.

Q: How⁢ much money can be made with the side hustle mentioned ​in the video?
A: According‌ to⁢ the ‌video, it is possible⁤ to make over $20,000 per ⁢month with this side hustle by following the strategies and coaching provided on

Q:⁢ What is the website mentioned in the ​video to‌ access further ​information on making five figures ⁤a month?
A: The website mentioned in the video to access ⁣further information on making⁤ five figures ⁤a‍ month is

Concluding Remarks

In conclusion, the YouTube⁤ video titled “The Ultimate Guide to Earning $20K/Month with the⁣ Best‌ Online Side Hustle in 2023” introduces a profitable⁣ side hustle involving​ selling puzzle books ‍for a minimum price of $25.25. By utilizing​ software, you can easily generate puzzles ‍with commercial rights to sell on platforms like Amazon. The next step​ is to upload the puzzle book on Amazon ‍KDP,⁣ where ⁣they handle the publishing and ​printing process, leaving you with the ​task⁤ of ‌re-uploading more puzzles to collect the profit⁣ difference.

This⁣ side hustle offers a simple and smart way to ⁤generate income, as demonstrated ‌by the impressive⁤ earnings‍ of‌ over $106,000 from selling 4,200 ⁢copies. Moreover, the⁣ opportunity for a mentoring and coaching program is mentioned, promising the potential‍ to make a five-figure income per month. For more details on this additional side hustle, visit

With ​these​ strategies and platforms ⁢at your disposal, you too can embark ⁢on‌ this lucrative online side hustle and start earning ⁤a⁣ substantial​ income. So why ‍not give it ​a try? Watch​ the video and take ​action today to pave your way towards financial success. Good luck, and I hope ‌to see you ​reaching your⁢ goal⁢ of⁢ earning⁢ $20K/month in the ​near future!