Unveiling My 48-Hour Journey into Affiliate Marketing: Starting from Scratch!

‍Title: Unveiling My‌ 48-Hour Journey into Affiliate Marketing: Starting from Scratch!


Welcome,​ fellow aspiring entrepreneurs! Today, we‌ are diving into⁣ an ‌exhilarating 48-hour journey into the world of affiliate marketing. What makes this⁣ adventure even more ⁣intriguing is the⁣ fact that it ‍was approached from complete scratch, without leveraging any existing audience or followers. I⁢ can already​ sense your curiosity ⁤rising,⁤ so let’s delve into the results‌ of‍ this challenging experiment.

Now, first things first – let ⁢me introduce you‍ to the software that became the cornerstone of this ⁣journey. While browsing through‍ capterra.com, an excellent resource for software⁤ options,⁤ I stumbled ‌upon a particular gem that⁢ caught my attention. The key ​to success in this method lies in finding a software with little to no competition, ensuring⁢ maximum visibility⁣ and potential profits.

With my ‍chosen⁢ software in ⁣sight, the next step was to create ​and run​ Google‌ ads specifically designed to promote it.⁤ The ​ad you’ll‍ see in the ⁣video, which⁢ you can​ find ​on my YouTube channel,‌ Chad Bartlett, was responsible for generating the enticing commissions that ⁢I’ll proudly reveal shortly.

Before we ⁢go any ⁢further, the video itself is a gold mine of information. So, if ⁣you’re keen to ⁤witness the ​complete challenge, I highly​ recommend⁣ watching it in its entirety. Head ⁣over to my YouTube channel, find ‍the first video,⁢ and ​get ready to ‍soak up valuable insights.

In the upcoming blog⁣ post, I will walk you through the ‍main‌ highlights of⁢ my journey, sharing ⁤the strategies, ‍lessons learned, and some intriguing ⁣surprises along the way. Affiliate ⁢marketing⁤ may ⁢be a bustling, ever-evolving⁤ world, but here, I aim to provide you with a friendly and ⁢informative guide to help​ you start from scratch and achieve success.

So, grab your virtual notebook and join me as we ‍embark ⁣on this ‌exciting 48-hour ⁢journey into affiliate marketing. Together, we will unveil the secrets, debunk the myths, and ultimately pave our path towards a profitable and‍ satisfying side hustle.
Unveiling My 48-Hour ​Journey into Affiliate​ Marketing: Starting from ⁤Scratch!

1. Testing Affiliate Marketing⁢ from Scratch: A 48-Hour Journey

Last week, I decided to embark on an⁢ exciting side hustle known as affiliate marketing. The challenge was⁣ to start from complete scratch, without leveraging any of my followers⁣ or audience, and give myself only 48 hours to ​make money. Now, let me reveal the thrilling results of this challenge!

During this 48-hour journey,⁢ I discovered a fantastic software that I promoted to generate income. The platform I utilized for finding this ⁣software was ‍capterra.com. On⁢ their website, ‍under ⁢software categories, I browsed through different options until I found one that perfectly suited my promotional⁤ strategy. The ⁣key was to select a software with ⁢no competition, ⁣ensuring that no other ads were running for that particular product. Once I confirmed that, it was ‍time to set up my Google ad for the⁣ software.

As you can see, my ad‌ for the⁢ commissions I earned during this challenge was⁣ a resounding success. If you’re curious to ‌learn more about‍ the entire journey and how it unfolded, I ‍invite ⁤you⁣ to watch the full video ⁤on my YouTube channel.​ Simply ‍head over to Chad Bartlett’s‍ YouTube channel and look for the ‌first video on this subject.

2. Finding the⁢ Right Software ⁢to ⁣Promote: Tips and Strategies

When‌ it comes to⁤ affiliate marketing, ‍one of the crucial steps in your journey to success is finding the right software to promote. Let me share some valuable tips and strategies‌ to help you discover the perfect ‌software that ‍aligns with your goals.

  • Start your search‌ on capterra.com, a reliable platform for software exploration, and navigate⁢ through their software categories.
  • Look for a software that has no competition. This​ is vital as ‍it ensures you’ll have a clear field to run your ads⁤ without being overshadowed by competitors.
  • Verify the suitability of the software by typing its name into a⁢ search engine and checking if any ads are​ present.

By ‌following ‍these steps, you’ll increase your chances⁤ of finding a lucrative software to promote and elevate your affiliate marketing success. Remember, choosing ⁣the ⁢right software can make all the difference!

3.⁢ Running Effective Google Ads for Affiliate Marketing Success

To achieve ‍success ‌in affiliate ‌marketing, ⁤running effective Google ads plays a pivotal role. Let ⁣me provide you with⁤ some insights and techniques to make your Google ad campaigns thrive.

Ensuring your Google ads generate the desired ‌results requires attention ⁢to detail and ⁤strategic decisions:

  • Create compelling ad​ copy that entices your target audience to click and learn‌ more⁢ about the software you’re promoting.
  • Use relevant keywords and narrow down your target audience to maximize the ad’s effectiveness.
  • Monitor your ad performance regularly and make necessary adjustments to optimize conversion rates.

By implementing these‍ strategies, you’ll significantly enhance your chances‌ of achieving remarkable success in your affiliate marketing journey through Google ads. It’s time to ​unlock the full potential of this advertising platform!

4. Learn from ⁢Chad Bartlett’s Challenge: Watch⁢ the‌ Full Video on YouTube

If ⁤you ​want to delve deeper into the​ incredible challenge I undertook ⁢and witness the entire ⁣journey of testing affiliate marketing from scratch, I encourage you to watch the​ full video ⁤on my YouTube channel.

Head over to Chad Bartlett’s YouTube ‌channel and locate the first⁢ video‌ related ⁤to this ​captivating challenge. By watching it, you’ll‍ gain valuable insights, strategies, and‍ motivation to ⁤embark ​on your own affiliate marketing ​ventures. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to⁤ learn from‌ my experience!


Q: What is the topic of the YouTube‍ video discussed in this ​blog post?
A: The topic of the YouTube video is “Unveiling My 48-Hour⁢ Journey into Affiliate⁤ Marketing: Starting from Scratch!”

Q:⁢ What ‌did ⁣the​ YouTuber do ⁤in this⁤ challenge?
A: The YouTuber tested a side hustle called affiliate marketing from ​complete ⁣scratch without leveraging‍ any ‍of their followers or audience. They gave themselves ⁣40⁤ hours to make money.

Q:‍ Did the ​YouTuber successfully ‍make money in the challenge?
A: ​Yes, the YouTuber ​made just under $100 in this challenge.

Q: How did the YouTuber select the software to ⁤promote in ‌this challenge?
A: ⁤The YouTuber went to ‍a website called capterra.com and browsed through software categories. ‌They found a software with no competition, meaning no other ads were ⁤running⁢ for it, and decided to promote that software.

Q: What platform did the YouTuber use to run ads for the software?
A: The YouTuber ‌used Google Ads to run ads for the software they were promoting.

Q: Is there a full⁣ video of this challenge available?
A: Yes,⁤ there​ is‌ a full video of this challenge on the YouTuber’s YouTube‍ channel. ⁣You can find it by visiting Chad Bartlett’s channel‍ and watching their first video on this topic.

In Summary

In conclusion, my 48-hour⁤ journey into affiliate marketing was a fascinating experiment that proved the potential for earning money ⁤from scratch. Without relying‍ on my existing audience‍ or followers, I set out to test‌ the waters and see what was possible within a limited ‍timeframe.

Using a ⁢website called Capterra.com, I explored different software categories and found a product​ that I could promote through running ads.​ The key​ here was to ⁢choose‌ a software that ⁢had⁤ no competition, ensuring that⁢ my ads ⁤would stand out.⁣

I then ran a Google ad for the software, as you can see ⁣from the example I showed you earlier. The results‌ were⁣ impressive, with earnings just under $100⁤ within the 48-hour period.

If you want⁤ to delve deeper ⁤into the details of ‍this challenge, I highly recommend checking out the full video on my YouTube channel. Simply head over to⁢ Chad Bartlett’s⁢ channel and watch the first video on affiliate marketing.

This experiment not only⁢ demonstrated⁤ the potential of affiliate marketing but also highlighted the importance of research and strategic thinking. It goes⁣ to ⁣show that with the⁤ right approach and a bit‍ of dedication, anyone⁣ can start making money through this⁢ side ⁢hustle.

If ⁤you have any‌ questions or want to share your own experiences with ‍affiliate marketing, ​feel free to leave⁢ a comment below. I’d be more than happy to continue ​the conversation!

Thank you for joining me ⁤on this​ journey, and I hope ‌you found it as informative and exciting as I did. ⁤Stay tuned for more experiments and insights in ⁤the future. Until then, happy affiliate marketing!